Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Dinner with Harper

At Harper's school, parents were invited to join the kids for a holiday dinner today. Harper was excited for me to go (and I was excited to join her!), so I let her buy school lunch today.

On the menu:
-Turkey (looked "pressed" and not very appetizing to me)
-Mashed potatoes (instant)
-Dressing (no clue on ingredients, but good)
-Gravy (canned)
-Green beans (canned)
-Cranberry sauce (canned)
-Baked apples (I'm assuming canned)
-Roll (whole wheat, and looked homemade - highlight of the meal!)
-White milk (as far as I could see, Harper was the only kid who picked white over chocolate)

Overall, this meal was what I would expect from a cafeteria holiday meal, and I don't mean that in an insulting way - just typical. Harper loved it and ate almost every bite of it.

Couldn't help to see the irony on the message on the chocolate milk carton.

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