Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's chat about school fundraisers

I'm earning a reputation around my town as the fundraiser-hating mom. Not completely true - I understand the need for fundraising and am completely willing to help with it...I just don't want to sell junk food and I don't like my kids having sales presentations made to them with hopes and dreams of awesome prizes (that's a subject for a different blogger though!).

Grayson's school's biggest fundraiser of the year is cookie dough (big, huge tubs of it) sales. For the past two years I have fought against it by writing letters to the principal, superintendent, other parents, etc. Bottom line - it makes the most money. Period.

I have no interest in me or my children peddling unhealthy, expensive food to people that don't need or want it. I need your help!

I've looked into many other healthier and more practical fundraising options, but I need to know from real people who have done it - what school fundraisers work that you can also be proud to participate in? What kind of numbers did you see from them? I would really appreciate feedback on this. Thanks in advance!


  1. If you find the answer - let ME know.

  2. not sure how much they raise but one elementary school in my town sells magazine subscriptions....hate the junk food sales too-when I was a kid we had those chocolate candy bars

  3. Discount cards are another viable option as are candles.

  4. Hi there! I completely feel your pain with the unhealthy fundraising products. That's why our team at launched our brand new fundraising program just this last week! You can check us out at The program is all online and we are focused on the healthy eating habits of both kids and adults. Thanks for checking us out!

  5. Here is what our PTA does to make money:

    1. magazine subscriptions--little work to put together and makes the most money

    2. Movie matinee day at local theater. 2 dollars of each ticket goes to school.

    3. Restaurant of the month. PTA picks a place to eat. If you go on a certain day, a percentage of the night goes to PTA.

    4. The usual: box tops, soup labels, grocery store receipts, Target receipts.

    5. Raffles. A family in our district has a time share that they donate each year. Another family has NBA tickets that they donate each year.

    6. Our big, once a year thing is an auction. Last year, ours made 35K for the PTA.


  6. Box tops for education
    Entertainment/Kids stuff books
    School carnival
    Local restaurant fundraiser( they donate a % of profits during stated time)
    In the past we did MarketDay,
    This year we do SCHWANS.. (This works out great!) If you want more info on this email me!

  7. Greetings from Many people that we have worked with feel the very same way about candy bars and cookie dough, as well as candles and gift wrap. Gourmet coffee is a product that more than 50% of American households buy regularly. Schools can raise a lot of money from bags of coffee, branded with custom labels showing the school mascot or logo.

    This may be the answer to your question. Please visit us on Facebook and take a look at our website, We have helped raise money for a lot of worthy programs and we would love to help you! You can email me at if you have any questions! We would love to help you!