Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No need for kid's menus - love this article!!

I get so annoyed with the kids' menus at most restaurants. All most offer are hot dogs/hamburgers, PB&J/grilled cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets, and maybe pasta. Restaurants are a great place to try new foods that you might not be able and/or willing to make at home, so why give kids such boring and unhealthy options? Eating out should be a fun adventure!

I came across this fabulous article from the New York Times that discusses this very issue.

If regular menu items are larger than your child can eat or more than you can afford, share a meal with your child or having siblings share with each other. You can also ask the manager if they'd be willing to make a smaller/cheaper portion of a regular menu item for your child. Give the little ones a chance to try new things!

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