Thursday, October 28, 2010

Candy, candy, and more candy!

Is it just me, or does Halloween seem to take up more and more time each year? Our festivities started last night at church with Trunk of Treats, and both kids got loaded up with more candy than they'd need in a year. Friday, they will both have Halloween parties at school (more candy). The Fall Festival fundraiser at Grayson's school is Friday night (more candy), then there is still trick-or-treating on Saturday (of course, more candy).

So how do we handle the candy overload? I'm not a Halloween candy Scrooge. After trick-or-treating, I will let them indulge in more candy than they need - tis the season, right? After that, I usually allow one piece a day for a week or so, then they usually start forgetting about it. Since Grayson's birthday is mid-November, I save the rest for his pinata, then I get rid of all of it!

I have to send goody bags to school with both kids (someone PLEASE stop this madness!), so I'm sending the Utz Halloween Pretzels, Annie's fruit snacks, and a little Halloween trinket of some sort. My kids love these treats, so I'm hoping I can spread the love a little.

I've heard that several dentists are now paying kids by the pound for their candy and shipping it to troops overseas. Cool idea! How do you stay healthy during Halloween madness?


  1. we don't really do trick or treating-we live in a neighborhood where there are mostly older folks and they don't give out candy--well a couple of them have special treats (usually fruit LOL) for my son,but on the whole they don't give out candy to trick or treaters. We are going to a halloween party tomorrow and there will be goodie bags I'm sure. I try to limit the candy-but it's everywhere this time of year...After we've had "our fill"--if there is any left I sometimes stick it in the freezer and pull out for individual treats "whenever" the mood strikes....Last year I gave out the single packets of pretzels.

  2. I was in a WW meeting and a lady said she used all the 'extra' candy to make the goody bags that the kids sent to school to get it out of the house. I love the idea for the pinata...very cool! It IS rediculous all the candy that's passed out! I do recommend those ACT II popcorn balls...100 calories for the whole thing and they're YUMMY!