Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sometimes you have to cheat...

There are a few times during the year where I let my kids break all the rules and eat whatever the heck they want - birthdays, Christmas, and the fair come to mind. Last night was the fair, and boy did we indulge! I find that if we let the kids do this every now and then, they don't see healthy eating as a punishment, but a way of everyday life. Nights like last night are like the days they represent - they only come around once a year, and we make the best of it!

I've debated letting you see it is ugly. But it is the truth, so here you go! We don't eat perfect *every single day*. Who does?
(For the record, we shared the majority of these treats as a family, each of us only having a few bites. Oh, and they felt lousy this morning...good lesson.)

Blooming Onion

Bologna Burger

Candy Apple

Cotton Candy

Fried Moon Pie

Homemade Ice Cream

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