Monday, November 15, 2010

Southern traditions can be healthy!

I love traditions. It is nice to be able to count on something familiar happening at the same time every year and look forward to it. One local tradition we always participate in is making Brunswick stew every fall. Every church and fire department around seems to make one, plus various charitable organizations and families make them as well. It is a great way to make a large quantity of food at one time to freeze and eat all winter long.

My best friend's family made a stew on Saturday, and my family pitched in to help. If you turn it into a party, no one has to do all the work. :) We cut potatoes and onions Friday night and came over on Saturday morning to help stir. The stew is made up of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, beef, chicken, corn, Lima beans, and seasoning. The way it is cooked makes it thick and delicious!

So yes, the South is known for fried, buttery foods, but we also have some pretty healthy traditions as well...traditions I am proud to be part of and teach my children the way my grandparents and parents taught me.

Grayson packed a thermos full of stew for his lunch today. YUM!

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