Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Developing an adventurous eater

My kids will literally try anything. I mean anything...things most adults wouldn't touch.

For instance, my son asked me to buy him sardines to try this past weekend. Sardines? Really? OK. After I opened the can, he was a little more hesitant because they "look like real dead fish," but he ate a few bites and so did my daughter. Neither one of them loved the sardines, but they didn't hate them either.

How did we get so lucky? I don't think it was luck. We taught our kids to be good eaters. We defined them as good eaters who will try anything, and it worked. They've always been expected to try one bite of everything given to them, even if they hated it the last time I served it. We never labeled them as picky eaters when they turned their noses up to something or didn't like a certain food. I believe that labels will stick with a person, good or why not start off with a good one? Grayson is well known as the kid who eats anything, and Harper is not far behind him.

We talk about food...a lot. My kids know what certain types of food do for your body, good and bad. They are involved in making the grocery lists and meal plans. They help me cook. They help me garden. We watch cooking shows together. I believe being involved with your food and educated about it helps a great deal, too.

 Are your kids adventurous eaters? If so, how do you think they got that way?

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