Monday, March 14, 2011

More adventures with an adventurous eater

Wonton soup, cucumber rolls, and spring rolls!
While Harper was at piano lessons the other night, I decided to take Grayson out for a sushi date. Ever since he tried California rolls a few weeks ago (and loved them), he has asked to try more kinds of sushi. I ended up letting him sample several kinds of Asian cuisine while we were there. Remember, what is "foreign" food for us is every day food for people in other countries.Keep exposing your kids to new foods...and make it fun!

What are your kids favorite ethnic foods? What do you do to encourage your kids to try "weird" dishes?

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  1. My kids (4.5 and 22mths) both love Sushi and most foods. My 4.5 year old had squirrel the other day I think that's the weirdest he's eaten thus far.