Monday, April 18, 2011

Fifteen minutes of work for a week of lunches!

If you are pressed for time to pack lunch every single day, then take a little time on Sunday evening to make a week's worth of lunch!

I make up a basic tossed salad in a huge bowl - greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, and cheese cubes. When I pack the individual salads, I add in extras (such as almonds and dried cranberries, pictured here) to make it a little different each day. I also cut up fresh fruit to add as a side dish. I pack a light salad dressing in a separate, small container.

Doing this really makes my mornings a lot quicker, and I'm not stressed thinking about what I'm going to pack for lunch. What do you make in bulk to pack throughout the week?

(I do pack more than this for a lunch, just not photographed!)

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  1. Planning lunches ahead always saves me time and reduces stress! I usually make my sons' PB&J sandwiches (natural PB and whole grain bread of course!) on Sunday evening and wrap and freeze them for the week. I pop them into their lunchbox and they are perfectly thawed by lunch. They never notice if the sandwich has been made that day or frozen ahead of time. I always spread a thin layer of PB on the jelly side of the bread before adding the jelly so there's no soggy bread. Such a time saver in the mornings! I also will make hard boiled eggs ahead of time, break up grapes into smaller bunches, and divide up other fresh fruits, baby carrots and trail mix to have it all ready to grab and toss into their lunches. It definitely adds to my stress on the mornings when I haven't prepared things already. Love this post!