Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Healty Cooking Class for Kids!

Last night, I took the kids to a healthy cooking class at the hospital. It was fantastic! They taught the kids how to make healthy versions of soda and pizza, and they gave them a lot of useful information on how to make good food choices. It was nice to have the information we have been teaching them at home reinforced by the hospital dietitians - the kids took that very seriously!

The kids colored pictures of the food pyramid and fruits/veggies /
while we were waiting for class to start.

There were a ton of healthy toppings to choose from!

Grayson sampling the "soda" made from seltzer water and 100% grape juice.

Harper with her pizza creation - whole wheat crust,
pesto sauce, Canadian bacon, tomato, and
  Parmesan cheese.

Grayson tasting his creation -
whole wheat crust, bbq sauce, black beans,
chicken, and cheddar cheese.

The kids LOVED their pizzas! This was a really fun and educational evening. Does your community have classes like this? I encourage you to look for them!

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  1. Aww thank you so much for your support! Lisa and I (Kim) really enjoyed teaching the class and we would love to hear from the community if anyone is interested in another topic!

    If so, please contact Lisa or me at the hospital!

    Thanks again
    Kim Atwood, RD