Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fed up with school lunches?

Thank you to my friend Elizabeth for pointing me toward this incredible blog. A teacher believed that school lunches weren't providing students with the nutrition they need and deserve, and therefore they aren't able to pay attention in the classroom. She has taken it upon herself to give up her normal nutritious lunches to eat school lunch every day in 2010, blog about it, and post pictures.

Fed Up: School Lunch Project
(I encourage you to read it all from the beginning!)

I hope her experiment will be a wake up call for parents and school systems. Let's not feed our children this processed junk! Advocate for healthier lunches (and breakfasts) in the school system - write letters, make phone calls, go to school board meetings etc. In the meantime, pack their lunch! Food is fuel, and our kids deserve the best.


  1. Couldn't she get fired for blogging about how bad school lunches are?

  2. Yes, I'm sure she could - she blogs about being worried about it. She's anonymous though, and hopefully can remain that way. It seems she knows the risks, and is going on with it anyway. More power to her!