Friday, February 12, 2010

A Valentine's (or anytime) Treat

For his Valentine's party at school, Grayson really wanted to take some sort of candy to share with his class. He was in luck - I have a HUGE stash of "healthy" lollipops! YummyEarth Organic makes all-natural lollipops with no HFCS and no artificial anything - they use real sugar and real flavorings. These suckers tastes like the real deal - grape tastes like a grape and not "purple." And they have more exotic flavors than your standard lollipop like mango, pomegranate, and blueberry.

These things are always on sale - I got 10 lbs for $18 a few months ago, and now I always have them on hand for holidays, birthday parties, etc. Watch for deals and they end up being cheaper than regular lollipops! I hope his class enjoys them as much as we do!

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