Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another interview with my kids!

I will ask them random food questions and type out their answers here, just as they are given. I promise I won't alter anything!

1. What is your favorite food that is not healthy for you?
G -  Icees
H- Popsicles
(It is the 90s today...)

2. Why do you think they aren't good for you?
G - Because they have sugar
H - Because they have sugar

3. What kind of food is advertised during the shows you like to watch?
G - Hillshire Farms - GO MEAT! (lol)
H - Corn dogs

4. Are these foods good for you? Why or why not?
G - No, but I don't know why.
H - Yes, because. I don't want to talk.
(These "interviews" are good for knowing what you need to talk to your kids about!)

5. What is your favorite food out of the garden?
G - Cucumbers and tomatoes
H - Watermelon

6. What food do you like that you think other kids don't?
G - Pizza with pineapple
H - Oranges

7. What do you think I cook the best?
G - Cheese tacos (some people would call these quesadillas, but not my kids)
H - Chicken roll ups

I was going to go for 10 questions, but they got bored with this. LOL!

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