Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm so excited for this movie!

I'm really hoping this movie will be an eye opener for our society. Breastfeeding is natural and necessary, but are we providing new moms with enough support and encouragement? Breast milk is the first step for a lifetime of healthy eating and healthy bodies, as well as being excellent for mom!


  1. I wanted to bf when my son was born. the hospital, i felt, was very supportive of this. however, after having his heel pricked, the results were flagged. several subsequent blood draws were required. ultimately, it was determined that he has a metabolic disorder, duarte galactosemia, a variant of classical galactosemia. he could have no lactose/galactose until a year old. we were lucky, in that he can have all the milk he wants now, since his challenge at a year old came back fine. the children with classical can never have any milk, or anything with galactose in it, as well as other developmental issues.

    i post this because there are some children that can not have breast milk (or even regular formula at all). However, i know that these children are the exception rather than the rule. just food for thought.

    Elizabeth Dodson

  2. I am VERY glad formula exists for children that need it! We'd would be in big trouble if it didn't. I do think it is too widely (and unnecessarily) used, and the marketing these companies do is irresponsible.

    I'm so glad your son is ok with milk now!