Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giveaway time!!

I am so excited to announce my very first blog giveaway!

 An autographed copy of Dr. William Sears's book - The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood: Ten Ways to Get Your Family on the Right Nutritional Track (Sears Parenting Library) will be given away to one lucky winner!

I have been a big fan of all of Dr. Sears's book since I was pregnant with my first child, and this book is no exception. It is full of useful and and easy to understand information about nutrition, what foods are good for you and which are not (and why), ways to educate your children on the importance of healthy eating, etc. Everyone can benefit from a copy of this book.

The rules for entering:
1. Leave a comment including an easy healthy recipe, a tip for getting your kids to eat/try new foods, or a way you've made over a typically unhealthy food.
2. If you're not registered, you must leave a way for me to contact you.
3. Only ONE entry per person.
4. Contest will start today (June 15) and end in two weeks (June 29). The winner will be announced on June 30, and the book will be shipped to the winner on that day. 
5. Please share this contest with others! The more entries, the more creative healthy ideas we'll be able to share with each other!

I hope this will be the first of many giveaways! A BIG thank you to Dr. Sears and his staff for sending me this book! If anyone is reading that is in the position to donate a relevant item to give away, please let me know.


  1. Kelly this so awesome! My kids couldn't be more different if they tried. Hailey is always a good healthy eater while Connor is the junk lover. Its been so hard trying to get him to eat veggies but his occupational therapist found this awesome veggie crunchers that only have 2 extra ingredients. They are dehydrated pieces of green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, and a couple other ones and Connor loves them! So far the only place I know that has them is Costco.

  2. Each of my girls got their own garden this year. They got to choose what to plant. I can't wait for them to start harvesting and cooking their own produce!
    They are also involved in raising our chickens. They help feed, take kitchen scraps out, will eventually be responsible for collecting eggs. And (*GULP*) are looking forward to butchering day. :-/

  3. I enjoy reading your site on a daily basis. Never commented before though. I have an 18-month old who is really just not very interested in eating, healthy or otherwise. A big way to get him interested in healthy food is to use fun cookie cutters to cut his food into cute shapes... He just can't resist the cuteness of a pooh bear shaped piece of cheese or a dino shaped sandwich :)

  4. Sean is loving our garden. He stands out there eating peas right off the plant! I can't wait for the cherry tomatoes to turn red. He also likes to chew mint to make his breath fresh. He does that several times a day! LoL!

  5. Kelly I love to read your blog. Never commented but Zachary is my junk food lover and the baby eats much better than Zachary. Hope to change Zach to a healthier eater. So please keep up the good blog on healthy meals and what not for kids.

  6. Kelly, I love your blog and have referre quite a few people to it! One thing I've done recently with Bryce is have him try something he doesn't like (or a new thing) while eating a bite of something he does like. For instance he is in a don't-like-pineapple kick so I had him try a bite of pineapple with a bite of banana and he loved it! :o) My blog is private, so you won't be able to contact me through there. You can email me at iammelting2003@yahoo.com :o)

  7. I just signed up to follow your blog! I love your philosophies, also love Dr Sears books & can't get enough healthy yummy recipes (on a nice budget!) for my 3 kiddos. An easy healthy recipe that my kids LOVE is grilled salmon:
    farm raised or atlantic salmon, marinated in 1 cup white wine, lemon juice (1/2 cup or so), brown sugar (1/4 cup or so), and soy sauce. Grill on cedar board with seafood grilling spice or rub. Such a healthy meal, hope the kids love it as much as mine!

  8. Stacie Gamble (Mom of the O.G.)June 22, 2010 at 9:49 PM

    Yay Kelly! I'm thinking of getting his Sleep Book??? I don't really have any recipes but here's a tip...inspired by this site! Stock the freezer full of the steam fresh veggies and some frozen grilled chicken breasts. Then when you have a BUSY morning and can't seem to get it all done...just grab a bag and a piece of chicken to pop in the microwave and give a splash of hot sauce!! YUM!!!

  9. I just found this blog! A way that I get my son to eat healthier is to simply get him in the kitchen with me. He is much more likely to try new things if he helps me cook them. He is also a big part of shopping with me as well. As far as good recipes...well I have those all on my blog.

    Rebekah @ www.kidsdoeathealthy.blogspot.com

  10. We've made some headway in trying new things with having the girls take "no thank you bites." No matter what we're having they have to try at least one bite of it. And they have to try it every time we have it (hoping they learn to like it.) If it's something they don't love but tolerate, like asparagus, I give them 3 or 4 pieces. They have to eat it. If they don't, they don't get anything else for dinner (once they've finished what is on their plate that they do like) and that's also their snack later. I'm pretty sure they won't starve to death and I don't do separate dinner. So far, they've both started eating some new things, with the biggest change being that Mackenzie will now eat meat (chicken, beef) when before she refused it.

  11. Hey Kelly! Love your blog! I do not have a recipe to share; however, I can share some simple things that I do. 1. I have switched to all whole grains. 2. I strongly encourage Nora to eat her veggies or her fruit if she wants that popsicle later or some other treat she might get that day and even the popsicles I buy are not too bad (Edy's whole fruit.)or she loves bread and sometimes I won't even put it on the table until she eats her fresh veggies. 3. I think the most important thing parents can do is eat plenty of healthy foods themselves. Eventually the kids will catch on if they see the parents eating and enjoying their fruits and veggies. My biggest problem with making sure she eats well is all the outside influences!!

  12. The easiest tip is to always offer nutritious food even if you think there is no way they will eat it. Our son shocked us by eating tons of brussel sprouts.

  13. The best way I have found to get my kids to eat/try new foods is to model it! It is amazing how this works. If my child sees me eating it, they know it is good.