Friday, September 24, 2010

School lunch with Grayson

Dennis decided to eat lunch with Grayson at school yesterday, and they both bough school lunch (first time for the year). I asked him to take a picture and report back on what they ate.

Homemade hamburger bun (tasted good)
Fresh apple (Grayson loved this)
Tots were baked
Lettuce & tomato for burger and coleslaw were offered (veggie choices)

Low points
Burger was very fake tasting
Bun could have been whole wheat/grain
Peaches were in syrup
Tots were overcooked

I was really happy to see the school is no longer using Styrofoam trays! This meal doesn't win best or worst lunch award. I feel much better about what packed Harper - hard boiled egg, carrots, string cheese, mango, and peanut butter crackers.

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  1. I found that because we always talked about the fruit and veggies and spent most of our time in that section of the grocery store that my child sees mango being as much of a sweet treat as ice cream! ;)

    I will be a regular reader! love your blog.