Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smoothie FAIL!

Grayson has asked me for a while to make a vegetable smoothie for him, so I researched various recipes to find the best combination to use. After a lot of reading, I made him one yesterday that included:
-orange juice
I thought the combination of fruits and veggies would give it the sweetness it needed to taste better. After a kid taste test, they told me I was wrong. I dumped it back in the blender and added 2 tablespoons honey and some frozen peaches.

After another test taste, it seems my vegetable smoothie was a complete failure. Grayson politely choked down a half of a glass worth, but I let him off the hook (he's not picky at all, so I knew it honestly stunk). I even served my green concoction in a cute Shrek glass (not a toxic one!), but it didn't help.

Any thoughts on how to make a tasty veggie smoothie?

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  1. I almost wonder if you've got too many veggies included (a horrible thought, I know!) But I usually like a frozen banana, a frozen or fresh berry (straw or blue), fresh spinach and almond milk (or OJ if I'm out of almond milk.) Maybe cut back and try just spinach or just a carrot? I love cukes but the thought of one in a smoothie isn't appealing.