Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food funnies

A few nights ago, I made a chicken casserole (a particular recipe I'd never made before) and broccoli (Grayson's least favorite vegetable). This was our conversation after he finished.

Grayson: Mommy, dinner was disgusting tonight.
Me: Well, you cleaned your plate.
Grayson: It was what you gave me for dinner, I was hungry, and I knew you weren't going to give me anything else.

HAHAHA! Funny, but I felt a little victorious. Being a short order cook doesn't help anyone in the long run. (We also had a reminder conversation about dinner etiquette and rudeness for calling my meal "disgusting.")

Grayson had a baseball game last night, and Harper is often very tempted by the concession stand food/snacks that are being sold. I let her know before we left for the game that we wouldn't be buying anything, but she was welcome to take a snack from home. She picked a banana. She begged me to take a picture of her eating it (I was taking pics of Grayson's game). What a nut.

On a side note, the director of food services for our school system provided me with nutritional information on the food being served. I am very appreciative! I'll blog more on my findings in the next few days.


  1. I was definitely brought up on the mentality that if it was put on the table that it was to be eaten with no complaint. The ability to put disgusting things that a hostess served in my mouth, chew, and swallow while smiling has served me well. :)

  2. I'm a middle school teacher in Colorado and I recently started running a "healthy" concession stand at our home track meets. We sell oranges, apples, pears, carrots, bananas and granola bars. People are very receptive. That's all we sell and they are hungry so they buy! Harper would love it!

  3. Score: Mommy 2, Kids 0

    Go Kelly!