Thursday, July 8, 2010

Frozen quickies!

Almost every mom needs a quick meal for their kids at some time or another, and it is so simple to heat up a frozen meal and be done with it. But in most cases, these meals are filled with fillers, preservatives, and other gross ingredients. Naturally, I was THRILLED when I noticed our local Walmart is now carrying Amy's products (not a wide variety yet, but it is a start). I like to keep these sort of products on hand in the freezer for when I need something quick and easy, yet still pretty healthy.

You can easily dress up a quick meal by making a picnic out of it and making it a little more special. Kids love this, and it takes no longer than eating indoors. This is especially easy to do with foods that don't require utensils.

Amy's is also a good brand for those with dietary restrictions (allergies, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) My kids really love the bean & rice burritos, and we're excited to try more varieties in the future. Convenience foods do not have to be bad for you!


  1. Have you tried EVOL Burritos yet? My kids dig them and I eat several a week especially after I work out!

  2. I noticed today that the "organic" frozen food section in my food store is getting HUGE! They are now carrying all kinds of organic/vegan/vegetarian convenience foods now! A Healthy TV dinner? Who knew?

  3. kelly, food lion in clarksville has a pretty big natural/organic section with lots of Amy's products!