Friday, July 9, 2010

Great price?

I went by Food Lion during my lunch break today to pick up a couple of things and noticed the "great price" on watermelon. (My apologies for the cell phone pics - I didn't have my camera with me.)

Luckily, I stopped by the farmer's market with Grayson (my farmer's market addict!) earlier this morning and got a better great price on the same size watermelon - $2.00! Plus, I helped support a local farmer and our local economy. I was able to see the person who grew the watermelon and thank him for it. Plus, my son got to be a part of the process.

Go out and compare not only prices, but customer service and your gut feeling. Or better yet, grow some yourself! (My dad is growing some, but they still have a while before they are ready.)

1 comment:

  1. I had just the opposite experience today! I was at the local farm and the watermelons were $4.00. When I went to my food store, they were $2.99! What did I do? I didn't buy watermelon. Instead I got a HUGE canteloupe, locally grown from the farm for $2!

    Way more filling than watermelon in my opinion so a much better deal! LoL!!!!