Saturday, August 14, 2010

Healthy on the cheap

I know some people aren't down with shopping at Walmart, and I understand that. But, if you are a super bargain shopper and don't mind corporate evil (lol), then take notice that Walmart has whole wheat pasta for $1.00 a box! That's pretty tough to beat!

Edited to add ingredients: Durum Whole Wheat Flour. Doesn't get much simpler than that!


  1. Walmart actually has a better selection of whole wheat pasta than Whole Foods.

  2. Why is it necessary to act like Walmart is the enemy? It is not different than any other chain grocery store. Such a shame that a good blog has to go in this negative direction.

  3. Can you share the ingredient list?

    I am one of those anti-WalMart peeps. Haven't shopped there in over a decade. My final straw was working for a company that is a vendor to WalMart and seeing their business practices first hand.

    But I'm always curious about inexpensive healthier options! I believe our school cook is using this product as she works to clear out the nasty processed stuff they were eating and replace it with a whole food menu.

  4. Anonymous - I shop at Walmart, and I'm not against doing so. I understand why others might not,so I was just putting that out there before the hate mail started coming in. ;)