Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Second day of school lunches

Since I forgot to take picture of the first day of school lunches, I figured I could make up for it today. This is my daughter's first year of school, so now I'm packing two lunches instead of one. It is going to take me a few days to figure out how much to pack for her, and the best types of food to send (she is a much slower eater than her brother, and she's not used to having a time limit to eat). Trial and error!

Harper's lunch:
-Egg salad on whole wheat bread (2 hard boiled eggs, light mayo, mustard, relish)
-Carrots & apple slices
-100% juice box
Not pictured:
-Wheat crackers & cheese
-Annie's fruit snacks (for snack time)

Grayson's lunch:
-Turkey w/ light colby jack cheese on whole wheat
-Apple slices
-2 dill pickles
Not pictured:
-Light string cheese 
-Water bottle with a splash of 100% juice
-Wheat crackers & cheese
-Annie's fruit snacks

In other exciting news, the containers from the EasyLunchboxes system fit perfectly in Grayson's lunch box, which came from Target. There is enough room for an ice pack, and there is a front pocket big enough to put the other lunch items. Cool!

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