Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lunch in pictures

I figured we could all use a little inspriation this time of year!

Harper's whole grain tuna salad wrap 
Harper's fruit of the day - red grapes

She also wanted an egg!
Grayson wanted his tuna salad straight up with a side of apples and whole grain Goldfish.

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  1. Looks so yummy! I am packing 3 lunches now and it's a little tough. I've been sending each girl with the exact same lunch, even the same amount, and I'm sure we are either wasting food or Katie is coming away hungry. It's so hard! I refuse to pack different things for each girl, but maybe I should let them choose their fruit or something.

    You remind me that I should keep some hard boiled eggs around. Used to do that, but have gotten away from it. The other difficultly is we don't usually have enough dinner leftovers to feed 3 girls at lunch (last year it was just 1 lunch and we always had enough leftovers for that).

    I'll stay tuned to your lunch ideas! We are lucky, too, because my girls can get their lunch warmed in a microwave, so I can send pretty much anything.