Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thinking about school lunch (again)

Since my son entered the school system in 2008, I have felt very led to encourage positive changes in our schools' lunch menu. But to tell you the truth, I feel extremely overwhelmed. I don't know how to begin or even how to communicate.

School starts back on Monday, and looking at the lunch menu makes me want to start trying again. I pack my kids' lunches daily, but I feel for those kids who don't have that option.

I started on my mission last spring, and I blogged about my nutritional findings (check out the month of April). But now I'm stuck. I don't know what else to do, and I want some advice!

Here's the menu for Monday:
Stuffed Crust Pizza
Fresh Veggies w/Low Cal. Dressing
Chilled Applesauce
Cookie (Low Fat)

I appreciate the low cal/fat offerings and the fresh veggies, so this day isn't too bad although I'm sure the pizza is processed junk and most kids will pick the chocolate milk filled with HFCS to drink.

I'd love your thoughts!

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  1. In my opinion low cal/low fat should not be a factor when it comes to feeding growing kids. Often low fat means more sugar. With the cookie, that's probably the case. I'm scared of anything that promotes itself low cal. What did they put in its place. Usually it's artificial sweetener but in the case with the dressing who knows. What the heck is chilled applesauce? Is it packed with sugar? HFCS? I'm sure it wasn't made on the premises. Looking at Monday's menu, I personally would pack a lunch.