Thursday, August 26, 2010

Product review: My Square Meal

The lovely women at My Square Meal were kind enough to send me one of their lunch containers to try out. "The Lunch Ladies" are former teachers and now moms who have seen the challenges of packing delicious, healthy, and Earth-friendly lunches for their kids. In response, they designed this super cool container that hold small portions for small eaters. No more wasted food or plastic baggies!

I have to tell you, I was really excited to pack Harper's lunch for today! This is right up her alley. She is a great eater, but doesn't want a large quantity of any one thing. 

Today's lunch was:
-Ham & cheese on a whole wheat English muffin
-apple slices
-carrot sticks
-string cheese
-whole grain Goldfish

If I had done all of these foods separately, I would have had 6 different containers or plastic baggies. This hinged box kept it all together without a million things to wash or throw away. And because of the way the box is designed, every item stays put in its designated spot. It reminds me of a lunch tackle box! Pretty cool, indeed!

The Lunch Ladies also sell bags specific for this container that can even be personalized. Visit their Web site or "like" them on Facebook to learn more about this awesome product!


  1. So, does it let stuff dry out? And you wouldn't really put apple slices in there--they'd turn brown, right?

  2. Each compartment is sort of sealed off on its own with the divided lid, so nothing dries out. I use the pre-sliced apples that are coated in citric acid to keep them from turning brown. Not always cost effective, but I can usually find them on sale and they make my life a lot easier!

  3. A little bit of lemon juice on your apples will keep them from browning. We use these lunch boxes everyday and love them!

  4. I'd like to buy three -- one for each kid -- but money is tight, tight, tight.

    Is there a way for us to get a coupon code from

  5. If you put something like yogurt or other "liquidy" type of food and held the box in a vertical position, would it leak into another area?

  6. A thicker liquid (like yogurt) would work fine. I would put anything too thin in it though.