Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to school...back to reality...back to packing lunches!

The kids had 11 days off from school for the holidays (wow!), and today is their first day back. I had a break from making lunches there for a while, but now I have to get back in the groove. For Christmas, my mom gave me some new containers that I've seen other bloggers use that I really wanted to try out, so today is the day. The Lock & Lock container is really cool for making the most out of a small space and packing an efficient lunch box.

Today's lunch:
-Turkey & cheese on whole wheat
-baby carrots
-peaches (frozen, we'll see how that works out by lunch time...an experiment)

Sandwich is cut into quarters and stacked. I like that it is deep enough to do that. 

This is what it looks like closed. I made sure Harper could open it before sending her off to school with it. 

I can't wait to experiment some more with new things to put in this! It has 2 other small dividers, so the options are endless!

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