Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Soup

A church friend of ours gave us a lovely gift for Christmas - a jar of homemade soup mix called Love Soup. It had everything I needed to make a pot of homemade soup...all I had to do was add one pound of ground beef and water.

I forgot to take a picture before I opened it - you had to take out the pasta on top before preparing. 

It took one hour to cook, but virtually no preparation time, so it was an easy weeknight dinner. It made more than enough for dinner, and I had leftovers (which would have been packed for next day lunches, but we have missed school a lot this week for winter weather). Plus, it was chocked full of good stuff!

Thick, hearty soup tastes best in a Dora bowl.

I really appreciated getting a healthy and yummy treat for Christmas gift. It was a nice step outside of the candy and cookie treats that we normally get. Now that I have the recipe, I plan on making this for gifts next year.


  1. Cool! I love soup. Do you supposed you could do chicken or ground turkey?

  2. Absolutely - I think any meat would work. I also think it would be just fine without any meat - maybe even beans if you wanted to add some protein? It seemed pretty versatile.