Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Has Valentine's Day gone too far?

While doing a little grocery shopping in Walmart yesterday, I ventured down the Valentine candy aisle. And when I say candy, I mean ONLY candy - the decorations, cards, stuffed animals, gifts, etc were all in another section of the store - this was just candy.

Candy as far as the eye can see...

I noticed that about 75% of the candy was marketed toward children. When did Valentine's Day become a major holiday for kids? Last I checked, it was a romantic holiday for couples. Now it seems we have to send candy-filled goody bags to school, have parties, etc. When I was in elementary school, we exchanged small cards that *might* have had a tiny lollipop attached, and that was it (and we were excited and happy for it!). Not anymore.

I want to stop the madness, but I don't want to be the "bad guy," so I will be looking for some sort of balance in the coming weeks. I'm looking for ideas! How do you celebrate in your homes and schools?


  1. agree with you-I've seen the valentine's aisle in our store too--crazy...don't really make a big deal out of it in the home or school (we homeschool)--for the school side we exchange cards with our group and the goodie bags usually contain a small piece of candy (either organic/natural candy) or like a single serve hershey bar,seasonal pencils,trinkets,etc.Some of the kids make their valentines but my son isn't into crafts LOL-don't make a big deal of it with the hubby either-usually get each other some type of boxed chocolate and a stuffed critter for the kiddo with a small box of chocolate-I'm in the mindset that I don't really like valentine's day because if you can't be romantic to me the other 364 days a year why do it that day you know? lol

  2. Yes, my kids have a party at school and yes, I am a room mother. I am not going to fight that losing battle. But I always find a treat that isn't edible....this year, I found little mylar balloons that have hearts and such on them. They come deflated and a kid has to squeeze them to blow them up. I think this will make a kid just as happy as a sugar treat. I got them at Dollar Tree, 6 for a buck.

    I was just at Target today and was thinking the same thing about all that candy in the aisles. Lots and lots of junk.


  3. All of the junk takes the 'specialness' out of Valentine's Day, for sure. Since we homeschool, we get together with other homeschoolers and exchange simple cards (many homemade) and have cupcakes. All of the kids love getting the goofy cards from each other. And then they play (our way of getting the sugar out of their system!) My kids and I also make handmade cards for family members and their dad. They can't wait for everyone to get their mailed cards-usually they get several phone calls from grandma's and cousins telling them thank you. With any holiday, it is the thoughtfulness that counts...the time and effort to make something for someone else and to think of them. The aisles of prepackaged candies and gifts just take the fun out of it.

  4. I think you need to "be the change you're looking for." I'm sick of this candy overload too, so I proposed a "Naturally Red" Valentine's Day party for my daughter's 1st grade classroom. So, the kids are bringing in naturally red fruits and vegetables and we're having a tasting party.