Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adventures in smoothie making!

My kids love smoothies. They are easy to make and the flavor combinations are endless! Last night we had a special "breakfast for dinner" night, and I made smoothies with frozen strawberries, blueberries, banana, plain Greek yogurt, spinach (easily blends right in unnoticed - trust me!), and enough orange juice to make it blend well together. Note - if you don't use any frozen fruit, you'll need to add ice.

Then the bottom fell out. Literally. I didn't screw something together right in the blender and I made the biggest mess ever. Harper thought it was hilarious. Me? Not so much. That was not fun to clean up.

So I started over. Harper thinks the blender is too loud. She's right. 

This time I have everything screwed on right, and the smoothies were a success! They ended up in the cups, just as I had planned! FYI - the little pieces you see are from the blueberries, not the spinach.
The kids loved them! Right down to the last drop. :)


  1. We enjoy our smoothie breakfasts several times a week - amazing what you can hide in a blender! Love the rocket cups, where can I find them?

  2. I got those cups at Denny's several years ago. They've been great! Not sure if they still have them...we don't have Denny's around here.

  3. thanks for the tip about putting spinach in the smoothie, going to try that! How do you serve "greens" to your kids? Any recipes would be appreciated. Thanks!

  4. ha! That happened to me last year:(
    Ooh spinach in a smoothie!? I am intrigued!

  5. Both of my kids will greens on their own pretty well...I guess it is in their Southern blood! I do "sneak" spinach in lots of sauces, casseroles, etc. just to add an extra boost of nutrition to whatever I'm serving. It doesn't change the taste or texture of most dishes.