Monday, March 22, 2010

Commentary on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I'm at home for lunch and watching the show, commenting as I watch so I don't forget anything. 
  • This radio DJ is a jerk. Your town is the unhealthiest in the country, something needs to change. Take the help! I like Jamie's attitude.
  • Did that kid have chocolate milk in his cereal? Oh wow, that girl has strawberry milk in hers. Pizza for breakfast - happens right here in my town as well. I give my children breakfast at home!!
  • Homemade bread! Yay! That could easily be made whole grain.
  • These "lunch ladies" hate him! I get it, but I honestly don't see how they can serve that food.
  • It does piss me off Jamie Oliver, it does!!!!
  • Why do kids get the option to even pick flavored milk? GROSS!
  • Don't throw away that homemade roll! Grayson would clear the whole table of them. :)
  • At least they don't use Styrofoam plates like our school system.
  • Is anyone encouraging these kids to eat their lunch?
  • How can that list of ingredients not bother the lunch ladies? I know they don't plan the menu, and they are probably just being defensive. 
  • YES! A smart pastor! So many people don't see this as a biblical issue, but it completely is. Our bodies are our temples and we aren't to abuse them. Right on!!!
  • I admire this woman who has allowed Jamie in her home. That must have been hard to expose her bad food habits to the world. 
  • Holy deep fryer!
  • Holy frozen pizzas!
  • I think my arteries clogged just looking at that huge pile of fatty food!
  • The 12 year old son is going to change that family!
  • I want to cook in Jamie Kitchen!!
  • Ugh, I hate that the government decides what kids eat in school. And that they do such a terrible job at it.
  • Why do they look so confused about simple chicken?
  • Alice is something...
  • Why is two breads so important? Pizza counts as two? WHAT?
  • Poor kids, picking that nasty looking pizza over the chicken. Their poor little taste buds are so screwed up. Don't make it a competition between crap and healthy.
  • I can understand why these folks are defensive. I hope that issue gets better with future episodes.
If this was just a sneak preview, I can't wait to dig into the "real" show! 

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  1. Don't you wonder if the lunch ladies took big plates of that yummy chix and rice home for dinner?! I sure would have!