Saturday, March 27, 2010


During the week, there isn't much extra time to cook a hot breakfast before school so I try to be sure to make a more home-cooked meal on the weekends. Today I made omelets, another easy food to make that has tons of variations to make everyone happy.

Harper wanted her omelet with turkey, cheese, and spinach -a nice balance of protein, veggies, and dairy. You could do any sort of meat, cheese, veggies, peppers, and/or salsas to make a quick and healthy omelet.

Looks pretty good...and she approves! (This child has become a bottomless pit lately! This morning, she ate a 2 egg omelet, whole wheat toast, and blueberries, then asked for an apple, then asked for yogurt!)


  1. be careful w dairy and veggies w iron. the dairy prevents the body from absorbing the iron. citrus actually helps the body absorb the iron. you absorb more veggie iron (non heme source) w citrus then you would from red meat.

  2. I'm dealing with anemia - so I know ALL the rules! LOL!