Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When you know better, you do better!

Since my son began school at the beginning of this year, I've become much more aware of how horrible the food is that the schools are serving. And from what I've seen in the media lately, our school lunches look better than a lot of the nation's in general. Personally, I went to a very small elementary school in the country where our lunches were completely homemade everyday, right down to the hamburger and hot dog buns. I was rudely awakened when I got to junior high. From that point on, I either skipped lunch or ate cake and milk. Healthy, right?

I pack Grayson's lunch, so I'm not really worried about him. I'm not thrilled that he is exposed to that type of food daily, but I'm far more concerned about the children on the free/reduced lunch plans that depend on the meal(s) they get at school for their nutrition. There is absolutely no logic in feeding any child unhealthy food, especially at the place they go to learn! I want to see whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, salad bars, less processed foods, more lean protein, less sugar and artificial flavors/colors, and more variety and color on the tray (which shouldn't be Styrofoam!).

I encourage you to watch this video and get involved in making changes. I've been emailing back and for with our school district's food services director, and I will be sharing more on that in a future blog. I feel passionate about this cause, and I hope you will join me. YOUR tax money is feeding our nation's children -YOU should have a say in what is being brought to the table. (Your tax money will also likely pay for their health care.) It takes a lot of voices for changes to be made, so let yours be heard.

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