Friday, March 19, 2010

Fighting an uphill battle

I constantly feel at "war" with society when it comes to raising my kids to be healthy, nutritious eaters. I will admit, I get angry when I stop and think about all the ways they are influenced by others on a daily basis to eat junk food. Why does our society seem to encourage kids to be unhealthy? On any average day, my kids could be exposed to...
  • Unhealthy school breakfast and lunch
  • Ice cream being offered as a daily school snack
  • Unhealthy snacks/drinks at sports they participate in
  • Junk food being sold for school fundraisers
  • Treats being given out at church
  • Birthday parties
  • Grandparents who want to spoil them 
  • Commercials during children's programing for junk food
  • Cartoon characters on the boxes of unhealthy food in the grocery store, at their eye level
  • Candy in the grocery store check out lane
  • Drive through at the bank handing out lollipops
  • Candy rewards at school
  • Refreshments at school functions
  • Goody bags at school, church, etc. for every occasion, filled with candy
I'm not saying ALL of these situations are bad, I'm just pointing out that it is CONSTANT. We do our best to teach our kids what is healthy, what is not, and what should be eaten occasionally but when they are bombarded all the time with the opposite, what message is that sending? 


  1. You're right!!! I keep the blog only to food because it would consume all of my time if I branched out further. :)