Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wrap it up!

Both of my kids love wraps, so they are a pretty common lunch item for us. There are so many variations you can make, so they never get bored with them. For today's lunch, I packed Grayson a turkey, cheese, and lettuce wrap on Flat Out multi-grain bread.

Some other variations we make are:
-tuna or chicken salad
-other deli meats or leftover chicken/turkey
-peanut butter and jelly
-cucumber and light cream cheese
-any variety of veggies with hummus
-fruit and light cream cheese
-banana and peanut butter
    I could go on forever - the sky is the limit, so get creative!

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    1. Just found your blog through the grapevine and thought you might be interested in mine...a fellow mommy/healthy eater!


      Here's a post I did called "What the Kids Are Eating." Great minds think alike!


      Sorry for the links. You hate me already ;)